Robert Talac, MD, PhD is an orthopedic spine surgeon and the founder of Renaxis Spine and Orthopedic Restorative Center. Most patients come to see him with back or neck problems that significantly affect their quality of life and they wish to avoid traditional spine surgery


Dr. Talac earned his medical degree from Medical School, Masaryk University Brno, Czech Republic



Dr. Talac completed General Surgery Residency at NsP Trnava, Slovakia


MENTOR: MUDr. Tibor Kružliak


From 1995-1998, he completed Fellowship Training in Surgical Oncology at Masaryk Memorial Cancer Institute, Brno, Czech republic

MENTOR: Prof.MUDr. Jan Žaloudik, PhD


Dr. Talac earned his Ph.D. in Biophysics in 1998

His PhD project focused on Non-Invasive Quantification of Tumor Neo-vascularization using Power Doppler.

MENTOR: Prof. MUDr. Ivo Hrazdira, DrSc


Dr. Talac has received a Diploma in Minimally Invasive Laparoscopic Surgery from University of Louis Pasteur Strasbourg, France


Dr. Talac worked as a clinician/scientist at the Department of Orthopedics and Tissue Engineering, Mayo Clinic in Rochester, Minnesota from 1999-2003. There, he not only learned and perfected cutting-edge strategies that promote the regeneration and restoration of tissues, but further internalized the most important lesson in practicing medicine - "The needs of the patient come first"

MENTORS: Michael J. Yaszemski, MD, PhD

Heidi Nelson, MD


In 2008, Dr. Talac completed 5 years residency training in Orthopedic Surgery at the University of California San Diego.

CHAIRMAN: Steven R. Garfin, MD


In 2009, Dr. Talac completed a fellowship in Spine Surgery at the Center for Spine Health, Cleveland Clinic Foundation, Cleveland, Ohio.

MENTORS: Eduard Benzel, MD

Robert F. McLain, MD


In 2012, Dr. Talac completed a training in Endoscopic Spine Surgery at the Desert Institute for Spine Care, Phoenix, AZ

MENTOR: Anthony Yeung, MD


Robert Talac, MD, PhD has dedicated his professional life to research and advancing patient care. He is an author of more than 50+ research publications and international presentations. His works was cited more than 250 times world-wide. He is author and co-author of 9 spine surgery related books. Please feel free to review his selected research work.


2003 - 2008 : Injectable Osteoinductive Biodegradable Composites. (Funded by National Institute of Health, USA)

2001 - 2003 : Controlled-drug delivery system based on biodegradable polymers. (Funded by Implex/Zimmer)

2001 – 2003 :Tissue engineering strategies for reconstruction of bone defects. (Funded by NIH, USA)

2000 – 2001 : Identification of individuals at risk of having hereditary colorectal cancer in a general clinic setting. (Funded by CR-20 Grant, Dept. of Surgery , Mayo Clinic, Rochester MN)

1999 – 2000 : The mechanism(s) governing tumor eradication and tumor specific immunity inimmunotherapy using Staphylococcus Enterotoxin B plus anti-tumor x anti-CD3bispecific antibody. (Funded by NIH, USA)

1998 – 2000 : Biomarkers for optimalization of treatment strategy for soft tissue sarcomas. (Funded by IGA Czech Rep.)

1997 – 1998 : A prospective randomized multicenter Phase III clinical study evaluating the effect of PANOREX inj. (Mab CO17-1A) in adjuvant treatment of patient with resected Dukes C carcinoma of colon.

1996 – 1998 : Significance of immunological parameters for monitoring of regional chemo-immunotherapy for liver-metastases of colorectal cancer.

1996 – 1998 : Biological factors predicting the outcome of regional chemotherapy for the liver metastases of colorectal cancer. (Funded by Grant Agency Czech Republic)

1995 – 1997 : Liver-directed treatment strategies for the patients with unresectable colorectal cancer metastasis confined to the liver. (Funded by Grant Agency Czech Republic)


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Robert Talac, MD, PhD is a recipient of the Patients' Choice Award (2011, 2012, 2013) and the Most Compassionate Doctor Award (2011, 2013). These awards reflects the difference the doctor makes in the lives of the patients. The honor is bestowed upon physicians who received near perfect scores, as voted by their patients. In fact, of the nations 830,000 active doctors, only 5% were awarded this honor by their patients. The International Association of Orthopedic Surgeons recognized Dr. Talac as a Top Orthopedic Spine Surgeon.