Health care these days resembles more and more assembly line production. With ever increasing pressure to cut cost, entire healthcare industry focuses on seeing more patients with less resources and cheaper. The outcome is clear – lesser quality and loss of human touch. We said no to this trend. We discuss our approach, process and winning formula.


Traditional health care approach resembles more and more assembly line medical care or production. With ever increasing pressure to cut cost, entire healthcare industry focuses on new objective – seeing more patients (to make up the loss of revenue due to the cuts in reimbursement) and do it with less resources and cheaper (often delegating as many tasks to nurses and physician assistants as possible). The outcome is clear, patients are moved from provider to provider without any regard to their time or results. Most treatment modalities are dictated by Health Insurance Plans that hijacked medical guidelines and made them into rigid assembly line instructions. Patients getting treatments that they often don’t need, but physician prescribe it anyway as he or she will not get paid if he or she diverts from the Health Plan approved guideline. The treatment plans resemble more a process of trial and error. Patients getting more and more frustrated and often feel like pain must be something they just have to live with.

At Renaxis we said no to assembly line medical care. We take different approach. All patients are seen by a specialist physician each and every time they come to our clinic. We do understand that we are not dealing with mass-produced human beings and one-fits-all strategy will not provide results our patients seek. Each visit has a plan and clearly defined goals. The treatment plan is tailored to needs of each patient with an emphasis to provide maximum value to our patients.

We have abandoned the top-down, command & control paradigm that dominates current assembly–line healthcare environment where healthcare providers are simply giving orders and patients are expecting merely comply. Our approach is based on new interaction with the patient resulting in true collaboration. We take time to know you and your specific problem and goals you wish to achieve. He will explain nature of your problem and treatment options in details so you will be able to participate in decision process as well as your own treatment and recovery.

We focus on better relationship between physician and patient so we can conquer troubles together. It is faster, safer and more effective way to get rid of your pain and get quickly back to your life.


Our process is relatively simple. First step on your road to pain free life is to meet with your physician and analyze your problem. The ultimate goal of this decision-making conversation with him is to answer following question: What my symptoms mean or Why am I hurting? Your body is communicating with you. But you may not understand. Physicians are trained to “translate” your symptoms and explain to you why you are experiencing pain, numbness, tingling, muscle spasms or other symptoms. This is essential step in entire process. It does not suffice to only know that a patient is suffering from the pain. We fully understand that if correct diagnosis is lacking all efforts to relieve the pain will in all probability not only be futile, but possibly deleterious to the patient. This discovery phase is the process of clearly defining why you hurt that will include conversation with the physician, physical exam, imaging studies such as MRI or CT, and molecular tests. Sometimes we use diagnostic injections to further delineate source of your pain. This phase is most important phase of the entire process as we need to create clear understanding what is going on, what causes your problem and how we can address it. Needless to say, it is almost impossible to treat something without knowing what we are dealing with.

Once the diagnosis is established, and you and your physician clearly understand why you are hurting, you will create the treatment plan that will address cause of your problem and take into account your overall health as well as life-style factors. The plan is tailored to you and may be very different from the plan of another patient despite the fact that you both may have similar symptoms. We almost always start with least invasive treatment. In fact, over 90% of our patients enjoy return to normal life without surgery. If surgery needed we employ newest Endoscopic and Tissue Engineering techniques aiming for minimal collateral trauma to healthy tissues and restoration of affected tissue that allow quick recovery and return to normal life.


The reason why we use this system and process is simple. It works and delivers results. It is all about patient/physician relationship and true team work. At Renaxis we work very hard to make sure that our patients are enrolled and engaged in their own care. We believe that our patients are coming to us to engage in the meaningful conversation that determines their treatment options. They want to be part of decision making process. We work very hard to remove any obstacle preventing patient from participating in his/her own care. Before we discuss specifics of any treatment plan we make sure that we identify and discuss benefits of the treatment to the patient. We make sure that our patient clearly see what is in it for him or her before we go any further. We address things like what would the life be if we get rid of back or neck pain? Would it change quality of life of the patient, his or her interactions with their family, would it affect his/her work, relationships and other issues. In other words, we make sure that the patient first understands WHY, before we talk about HOW we are going to accomplish our goals. Once the patient is enrolled in the benefits of the treatment, it is much easier to keep him/her engaged in the treatment plan. We also strongly encourage them to co-create treatment plan with their physician. The ultimate result is stronger relationship between physician and the patient that translates into higher level of engagement, better results, higher quality of care and patient satisfaction.


Damaged Facet Joint


Lumbar facet syndrome is a clinical diagnosis referring to low back pain caused by injury or deterioration of facet joints in the lumbar spine. We discuss causes and treatment options for this problem, which is responsible for chronic back pain in 30-40% of patients.

Platelet Rich Fibrin produced by centrifugation of whole blood


Renaxis team introduces a novel regenerative bio-matrix in the tissue regeneration and facial aesthetics. It is the most technologically advanced, 100% natural, regenerative bio-matrix. Alb-PRF is a novel injectable regenerative composite that consists of autologous albumin gel and concentrated platelet-rich fibrin (Alb-PRF)


Inter-vertebral disc represents an essential part of the human spine. Substantial body of scientific evidence suggest that structural alteration of the disc whether due to the injury or aging is a root cause of low back pain and loss of spine function. We present novel regenerative strategy to fix this problem.


24-hour Promise

We will not make you wait to see specialist. Here is our promise. We will see each patient within 24 hours

We pride ourselves in delivering exceptional patient care. Out patients tells the story of great care best.

We Deliver Results

When it comes to spine you need somebody that delivers results. Our results speak for themselves.




    These awards reflects the difference the doctor makes in the lives of the patients. The honor is bestowed upon physicians who received near perfect scores, as voted by their patients. In fact, of the nations 830,000 active doctors, only 5% were awarded this honor by their patients. Dr. Talac received this award 3 years in a row.