There is a saying in life, “If you are not willing to learn, no one can help you – If you are determined to learn, no one can stop you!” Please feel free to browse our library. We prepared specific artciles related to various aspects of restorative spine and orthopedic care. We believe that information presented here will help you to better understand your condition and empower you to make truly informed decision about your care.

By: admin on September 17, 2020

Back or neck pain is one of the most common problems affecting almost every adult world-wide. The pain is only a symptom and it can be a result of several conditions. Fortunately, most episodes of back or neck pain are self-limiting. However, if pain persists or is associated with other neurological problems such as numbness, tingling, and/or weakness in extremities, it requires professional help.

By: admin on September 17, 2020

By: admin on September 17, 2020

Keep in mind that not all doctors are created equal. Spine care, and especially restorative spine care, has truly become an art form - you want to be sure that the spine specialist you select has an exceptional skills, extensive experience, and the talent to provide the results you are expecting. Choosing the right provider can make a dramatic difference in the outcome whether it is a simple neck or back soreness, pain or a complex reconstructive procedure. It can also save you years of unnecessary pain and frustration, as well as time and money

By: admin on September 17, 2020

Health care these days resembles more and more assembly line production. With ever increasing pressure to cut cost, entire healthcare industry focuses on seeing more patients with less resources and cheaper. The outcome is clear - lesser quality and loss of human touch. We said no to this trend. We discuss our approach, process and winning formula.

By: admin on September 14, 2020

Inter-vertebral disc represents an essential part of the human spine. Substantial body of scientific evidence suggest that structural alteration of the disc whether due to the injury or aging is a root cause of low back pain and loss of spine function. We present novel regenerative strategy to fix this problem.

Platelet Rich Fibrin produced by centrifugation of whole blood

By: admin on September 14, 2020

Renaxis team introduces a novel regenerative bio-matrix in the tissue regeneration and facial aesthetics. It is the most technologically advanced, 100% natural, regenerative bio-matrix. Alb-PRF is a novel injectable regenerative composite that consists of autologous albumin gel and concentrated platelet-rich fibrin (Alb-PRF)

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